Beyond the Invisible

I love how animals who are up to no good will not look you in the eye. They are no different than people in that respect but they do differ (other than my kids when they were small) with the conviction that if they don’t look directly at you they are rendered invisible.

Cinny also believe that she is extra invisible if she avoids direct eye contact AND moves with with glacier speed. She hears the word NOOOO and poof the magic happens, her little wedge head slinks down low she stares at a spot somewhere directly where she wants go to and a paw will ever so slowly tap outwards. Another NOOOOO will cause her pause slightly, adjust her cloaking device and proceed once again.

Once her concentration is broken she will look all exasperated and then chew you out in no uncertain terms about how she totally would have gotten away with it had you just shut the hell up. What she doesn’t get is that is the entire point.

She also believes that ever single open door hides the entrance to a magical place. This is particularly the case for oh.. say the walk in closet where cats have been known to disappear for hours stressing our their people or you know, the main condo hallway. In this case she kicks into hyper-drive and watches as all the doorways blur out behind her and she streaks by. What is particularly funny in this case is watching Tom run after her.

I’ve always had a cat that liked to pull a Houdini, I’m kind of cursed that way. Cinny, if she can’t hide anywhere good like a closet or under the mound of crap the Boys have will use our laundry hamper. The thing that is usually surrounded by laundry rather than actually in it. Yeah.

A few times we’ve done the “Oh no did Cinny escape through our legs when walking in the front door” search and came wise to this hiding place. Now it is one of the first places we look when she mysteriously vanishes. I’ve probably posted this video before, but it remains one of my favourites.

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