Bare your Teeth

Back in Feb 2006 Sean began his braces adventure with the initial consultation and the lovely spacers and expander that he loved so much (yeah right)

Still smiling

In November of 2006 the braces went on.
Nov 11 2006 IMG_9577

In August of 2007 he had his jaw surgery (by the wonderful Doctor McDonald)

And the post surgical swelling that went along with it…
(Although it was way down by this time)

A few weeks ago Sean went for a check up and his Orthodontist said he was almost there. She had him wear an elastic cross-wise to fine tune the alignment

This week it was confirmed. The braces come off next Tuesday!
Big smiles!

Oh mah baby is gonna be able to show off his straight teeth! The day after the braces come off he gets his retainer on which I understand he has to wear full time for a couple of weeks, then just at night.

We’ve told him he better take good care of those teeth and wear the retainer, he’s got the equivalent of a Pontiac Sunfire invested in that mouth of his!

He has requested white strips to whiten them up as soon as he can. He’s also got a list of things to eat that have been verboten the last couple of years all lined up. I see a lot of tacos, popcorn and chewy things in our future.

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