Scrappy Puppy

Had a puppy fix tonight visiting the local store. I snapped a couple of pictures of the chi-hooey-hooey puppies in the window before the employees told me I wasn’t allowed to take pictures. Um why? Hardly a matter of national security. Ah well. Bygones.


The funny part was the dark puppy was fascinated by my camera much to the amusement of the others watching the window puppies with me. Every time it would appear he would leap backwards and then come bounding towards me all playful like. If it was just me up against the window he could come up and try to lick the glass.


Sigh, I want a puppy.

I’m really leaning towards a Jack Russell when I finally get to have my puppy, but I do have a soft spot for Chihuahuas (though only the non-nervous ones), just from how goofy they look. One way or another, whatever breed I do end up picking, I will end up with some kind of high maintenance critter cos that is what I naturally attract. No point in fighting it. It is my destiny.

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