The Way the Lazy Do

Ahhh this whole long weekend thing.. I could SO get used to it! Apart from driving Sean over to his Father’s and getting busted at the mall for photographing puppies in the window I’ve barely lifted a finger, or my ass of this couch.

Ok, done a bit of laundry but that is so I won’t have to air dry after a shower and run around here bare-ass naked which frankly even *I* don’t want to see.

I completed the last bit of paperwork for Tom’s US tax filing. He gets an extension because he’s an “living abroad” which makes it easier on me cos I’m the one who fills em out but that June 15 deadline was starting to loom, so I sucked it up. The Canadian taxes are so much more straight forward, and having the online tax software and ability to file online is awesome. The US ones are a touch more complicated as you have exemptions based on the fact you are living and paying taxes in a foreign country, but as you have holdings there you also have to report them. Blah. Anyway, it is done for another 11.5 months yay!

We are so gonna scarf down Chinese food tonight for two reasons… one because our local place is shutting down for vacation (how dare they!) and two because my ultrasound for the gallbladder is on Monday and according to the paperwork I am required to eat a fat free meal that night (no meat, eggs, dairy or anything even slightly interesting boo) and then nothing until after my exam the next morning. Man I tell you they had better FIND something, cos I want it dealt with!!

Oh boy, Mom just called and she’s been given her two month’s notice to move out from her rental. Ish, I was hoping that last move would be literally the last move and she could live out her days there, at least until she wasn’t able to take care of herself anymore. The guy she rented from seemed like he was really intending to keep the place. I mean me must have bought it dirt cheap but I’m sure it is worth more now even though he is asking waaaaaaaaaaay too much for it. The weird part is, even his Realtor doesn’t know what is going on, the notice said that the Landlord or one of his close family is intending on moving into the place (could be him or a purchaser?) If it is someone buying the place you’d think the Realtor would know about it? Sounds slightly fishy to me. So add looking for another place for her, driving her around to look at them and packing and moving her to the stress I carry already. Yeesh.

Oh well not much I can do about it now, the new listings won’t be out until next week. I told her to call the Realtor and have him look into what is going on as well as to call her Landlord and get the straight poop. He basically handed her an envelope at the door and reminded Mom about someone coming on Monday, didn’t say who or what was in the envelope and just left. She opened it after he was gone, her cleaning lady read it for her.  I told her to call and ask if it was sold or if someone from his family is moving in. According to the law it has to be him or a close relative and they have to live there at least 6 months or he owes her two times the monthly rent plus the one month compensation and her damage deposit back.

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