Little Bunny Foo-Foo

Wild Bunny 024

Originally uploaded by Americanuck

Even though we live in the city there is a lot of country here, at least in the wildlife. We have skunks that like to nest around here (pew!), ducks living in the pond and a few bunnies that have apparently made more bunnies (how unlike them!) This whole area not that many years ago I suppose was farmland and very rural. People bitch about these little critters but really, who is living on whose land? I say let em be.

I happened to catch one of the offspring chewing on some tasty green grass by the edge of the garden on the side street by our building and though he kept a very careful eye on me, he/she (?) let me take some pictures. There are some funky bunnies out there, one looks like it had some domestic bunny in the lineage somewhere. I’ve yet to get a picture of him.

I’m a lot more conscious of driving out of the parking garage now, I don’t want to be responsible for squishing any of these cuties. They melt me!

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