Patiently Waiting

And so the wait begins….

I had my Ultrasound this morning. The Tech had me disrobe only from the waist up and wear a little shorty gown which is MUCH better than having to strip off completely. I also was able to strip in the room I was having the exam in. Other places they have you stick your stuff in a bag or basket and then sit out in a patient waiting room, all exposed like in a gown until they are ready for you. Um. No thanks.

A very nice Tech this time, I’ve had some bad experiences with rude medical personnel in the past. I’m always pleasant to them, to everyone really so I figure I deserve at least that back. I know when you deal with the public you can get assholes I get that, but it doesn’t excuse some of the attitudes I’ve seen. Don’t tar the rest of us with the asshole brush until we prove it, m’kay?

Anyway, at first she had me lay down on my back and spent a lot of time squishing and scanning and clicking and tapping (the last two on the device keyboard) and then had me hold my breath several times. I had to flip over onto my left side where it was all repeated and then on my back, then flip over to my right side and repeat the whole thing again. She was asking me if I was in any pain (I wasn’t) or if I was just feeling discomfort (I was). She asked if I got the pain when I eat meat (I do… cos the last time it was just freakin’ white meat chicken) and made a “hmm” sound. I hate those sounds. What does hmm mean?

The whole time I was on my back and right side I was vainly trying to see what was going on on the screen, not that I could tell my gallbladder from my pancreas or anything! I saw her clicking away at stuff and putting x’s by white things but no idea what that meant. At the end of it all she flipped the machine screen off, smiled and said the report would be sent to my Doctor. I’m thinking DAMMIT I wanted to see the screen. I mean I saw the kidney of the guy before me up on the screen when I came in the room why not my own gallbladder (not that I would be able to read it but still!) Blah. now I have to wait until the results go to Dr. Giggles and see what he says. I sure hope they find something with this go round because I feel like I have a time bomb waiting to go off in me. I’m at a point where I just want to taunt the beast and make it roar again just to get something done about it.

Oh well, I guess I need to be patient. Patience isn’t easy for me. I have none. Ask Tom.

In other sickie news, Tom has come down with a really nasty cold. He’s been sneezing and phlegming and snorfeling all over the place. It would be the station petri-dish that caused it I’m thinking as there was something rampaging through Tom’s work recently.  It hit him really suddenly on Saturday evening and knocked him on his butt Sunday. So much for his weekend! He took a sick day today (which for him is REALLY rare, he doesn’t get sick much at all) and he’s taking it easy.

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One Response to Patiently Waiting

  1. Tom says:

    S’true, she don’t got none of that there pay-schence!


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