I Can’t Stop Smiling

The long anticipated day arrived today. De-banding!

I picked Sean up from school and we headed over to the Orthodontist’s office. I took one quick snapshot of Sean as a last ‘before’ shot and then we headed inside.

Last minutes of wearing braces

One hour later he came out grinning ear to ear holding a goody bag of the forbidden chewy treats like Skittles and Trident Gum courtesy of the Doctor’s. The same kind of treats he got just before the braces went on. I think that is a really nice touch.

Braces came off! 002

He was surprised how white his teeth are, though he still wants to whiten them up some more. He has a few minor white spots in between a few teeth they want him to treat with MI paste which he will put in his retainer at night before he inserts it. He’s supposed to use it until the paste tube is empty. The purpose of this is the treat these mild spots (I personally can’t even see them) by re-calcifying them and preventing them from getting worse.

Braces come off! 004

We go back for the retainer tomorrow, they took the molds today and from what Sean understands they are a clear kind that just snap over his teeth. Sounds a lot more appealing than the metal kinds I’ve seen in the past.

When we picked up his Brother from work Sean taps him on the shoulder and says “Hey look!” and gives him a big ass grin. Chris gives a smirk and asks him how it feels. “Great!” Sean said “better than I even thought it would.”

I told him I can only imagine how good it must feel to have finally gotten through all that he has and to end up with such a great smile.

We’re really proud of him. He’s gone through a lot and has always come out smiling. Now he has a silver-less smile and a lot more to smile about.

Braces came off! 003

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One Response to I Can’t Stop Smiling

  1. Sue says:

    What a handsome young man!

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