Cold Cut

I bought the first season of Dexter on DVD a little while ago after I caught the first episode that CBS was airing during the writer’s strike and was immediately hooked. Knowing that CBS HAD to be doing a hatchet job to each episode at least to some extent, I decided I would rather watch the show in it’s pure form rather than what Network television figured was safe for the masses. It was a good call.

With that rather truncated 2007/2008 TV season over, Sean and I finally started watching the DVDs and MAN we are enjoying the show a LOT. In fact, two more episodes and we are done with season one. Fortunately season two is about to be released on DVD so we can continue with our Dexter love fest later this summer. Long live the code of Harry.

Speaking of summer, where the hell is it? Last time I checked it was June and all we’ve had so far is overcast skies and downright monsoons. I understand different parts of Canada and the US are experiencing the other extreme. I would rather be on that end personally as with the sucky Fall/Winter we had I feel like I’ve become one of the mole people. Come on Mother Nature, give me some of that vitamin D.

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