Cryin’ Shame

There are times I really hate the human race and this is one of them. Ok not everyone in the human race just those that are cruel to animals. Animals and Children.

Really late last night I heard a cat meowing outside our window. We live in a Condo on the ground floor and we have a pretty big window. Cinnamon jumped up and ran to see what was up and started hissing at what she saw and I looked down to see the prettiest little Lynx Point Siamese stretching her paws up to me. You see, I used to have a Lynx Point Siamese that I loved so incredibly much and seeing one out there looking scared just tore me up.


Scan10038 Sage sleeping

Sage as a kitten:

Scan10150 Sage 1989

It ran up to the building’s front entry way door looking like she really wanted to come in. I was extremely bothered by this as in our building cats are indoor only. I thought maybe it had snuck out when someone had their sliding door open or something cos it was getting warmer. I checked again and it was gone, I thought maybe it found it’s way home. I kept looking out the window up until after Tom got home and we were heading to bed. It really haunted me.

This morning we slept in and as the day looked like it was going to warm up again I opened up the windows to let in some fresh air. I took another quick look and didn’t see the cat but a few seconds later I heard the cry. I looked down and sure enough there it sat looking at me with hopeful and very hungry eyes. I HAD to let it in. What are the chances that a Lynx Point Siamese would come to my door? How could I possibly ignore any animal in distress but man, when it is custom coloured to my favourite cat ever? Not a chance.

I went into the boy’s room and slid open the sliding door and it eagerly ran towards me and immediately started purring. Oh it was like a knife to the heart I tell you. Turns out she was a female, young and from what I could tell may be pregnant. I took her to our cats dish and she started to gorge herself, obviously starving the poor thing. I gave her more food and water and she came out and started to wander around. Cinnamon and Nutmeg were none too thrilled with this stranger and hissed at her and each other. They don’t share well.

She was exhausted and after eating curled up beside me and fell asleep.

I was petting her and feeling my heart shattering. I knew we couldn’t keep her and I was really not wanting to take her to the SPCA if I could help it. I called them to ask if anyone had reported a lost Lynx Point female and it turned out yes there was, but it was a couple in White Rock quite a ways from me. They wanted to come have a look anyway and sadly it turned it it wasn’t their missing cat.

It broke my heart to take her to the SPCA this afternoon but I really didn’t have a choice, there are rules here and I was pretty sure we would be getting even MORE cats in the bargain. I bawled before I left, the whole way there and while I was talking to the poor lady at the desk checking her in. She was grateful that I cared enough to take her in, asked if there was any way we could keep her and I said trust me if I could I would be keeping her as you can tell by the fact I’m a bawling mess. She kept telling me that it was ok and I did the right thing. I tell ya it doesn’t feel all that right. She confirmed that she was indeed pregnant, pretty far along in fact and she wasn’t too impressed that IF there was still an owner out there that they let a young female pregnant cat outside. Amen. Unless it was a horrible accident that she got out a POX on the person who put this cat through this.

She tried to assure me that she was so pretty she would most likely be adopted quickly and that she would most likely be fostered out until she had her litter. Still doesn’t make me feel any better. I wish we could have kept her, she looks so much like Sage did. They gave me her case number so I can check in on her and see how she is doing. I really hope she finds a good home. This really sucks.

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2 Responses to Cryin’ Shame

  1. Tom says:

    What really struck me was how well behaved she is! Never once lashed out or hissed back at our cats, no matter how crappily they treated her. In fact she looked confused that they weren’t even giving her a chance…like she was saying “Oh come on, just get to know me a little better!”

  2. americanuck says:

    Exactly, she was a complete sweetheart. She immediately took to me, maybe because I took her out of the scary outside, maybe because she knows I completely adore cats.

    I’m trying to believe that it was meant for me to find her or more I guess for her to find me and she will end up in a happy home, she really deserves it.

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