Come Clean

We celebrated Father’s Day this weekend and chez Americanuck as the Boys weren’t with us last weekend. I had BARELY arrived home from work and Chris had already run out and handed Tom his gift. I had to laugh because he’s as bad as me, I am always anxious to have someone open their gifts if I know it’s something they are gonna like. After I laughed about he was all like “what, what were we supposed to wait for?”. I said “Umm yanno so we can do it together?!!?!” Ah well.

So Tom got gifted a funky new tool, this one was some kind of laser measuring thingamabob.

Tom's Father's Day gift from Chris

I decided to give Tom some Wang, Vera Wang (for Men) that is…

Tom showing off his

This is my fave cologne on Tom, it smells goooood on him. Technically this is from both Sean and I (as Sean has yet to have any kind of income.)

We still need to do a dinner somewhere, probably in the next couple of days as Tom is on his extended weekend. We just didn’t want to go anywhere near a restaurant on a weekend. HATE crowds. We ain’t crazy.

Today was all about cleaning up. It has been a while since the old place has had a REALLY good scrub down. Chris worked today so his task (their room) was postponed until his day off on Wed. Sean cleaned his and Chris’ bathroom and Tom tackled our bathroom, bedroom and the vacuuming. My job was the kitchen, dining and living room, oh yeah and I finally cleaned off my dresser again. I am SO out of room for my clothes so we’re gonna hit up the Ikea and get another highboy for my clothes. Tom and I have about the same amount of drawer space except my dresser is longer with a couple of small drawers extra (the bulk of his clothes are hang ups) but I have SO many sweaters, T’s and the like that need to be folded flat that there just simply isn’t enough flat places to put em. That generally means that they end up piled on TOP of my dresser. I did end up going through my stuff and rotating the winter clothes into our closet. Thank goodness for those plastic storage bins and the shelves in the closet insert or I would be screwed.

While we’re at Ikea we also need to pick up some more of those DVD shelves cos our DVDs are also out of control. They are no longer in alphabetical order which I can’t stand because there is just not enough space to put the new ones they are all kind of stuffed willy-nilly on top of the movies that are upright. I wonder if I will make it out of Ikea without buying anything else? Doubt it.

This summer the plan is to spend a bit of time going through our stuff, particularly in our various closets and do a big purge. I want to pack up some of my collectibles and have a less cluttered living space. Of course this is coming from someone who spend AGES dusting this afternoon and hating having to move so much crap to dust UNDER never mind dust the items themselves so grain of salt and all that. This is great in theory too as the boys, Chris in particular feel that every empty surface is a place for them to put THEIR crap on, most of which really should be walked another oh, ten feet to the garbage!

I give it a day or so and you won’t be able to tell it was clean!

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