Corn Fed

Nothin’ says summer to me more than corn and new potatoes! We already had them for dinner late last week but heck they are only in the stores for a short period of time all fresh like and stuff so have to make hay while the suns shines. They accompanied chicken done a la Shake’n’bake. Yeah I’m a gourmet! Can’t go too far wrong with that stuff though, keeps the chicken really moist. I had to try this new crispy ranch flavour and mmm not too shabby!

corn 'n taters

For the last few minutes while I was waiting for the corn n tatties to finish up I was bored and was playing with the camera…

Seconds before I lift the lid ehh ehh?
Me a few seconds before I lift the lid on the corn..and get

I've got 'tock tock.. pssshhhh steam heat
THIS! hee hee I’m all shteamy. Yeah ok lame.

But mmmmm the corn was goood!


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