The Missing Lynx -Sticky Post- Update, Adopted!!


Stripey has been adopted!! I checked her Petfinder link this morning (October 17th, as I seem to do weekly) and saw the news on her profile. Yay!


Update: I’m making this a sticky post for a while. Newer posts will be below this one. I was quite sad to see that this cat is still showing as available and I REALLY want her to get a good home.

I had been haunting the Surrey SPCA’s webpage watching to see if that sweet little pregnant Lynx Point stray was up for adoption. I had called them a few times during the week she was on hold for the owner to show up (may they rot I might add) but they never did and they kept saying she was doing well. I then got stuck in a loop never getting through the following week. My lovely Boss and friend Linda had been touched by her plight and had considered maybe taking her in herself but as it turns out with the two furry friends she has already in her house it just wouldn’t work out. She did however manage to find out that the cat I kept calling stripey (I didn’t want to name her really as that would get me way too attached, cough, like I wasn’t already) has been moved to a no-kill shelter called Katie’s Place out in Maple Ridge. A reminder of how cute she is..


Please ignore the lick stains we have a very strange cat who loves microfibre.

Linda had a bit of a sad update on her today, stripey had given birth to six kittens, all which died. Sniff. They were all too small apparently. I’m thinking she was probably a bit on the young side and really wasn’t all that big pregnant when I saw her, I thought maybe she was only carrying two so I was surprised to hear it was six but if they were small I guess that makes sense. I’m so sad about that.

She has been spayed and is now looking for her forever home. So Internet, if anyone out there who lives in the Metro Vancouver area who loves cats and is looking for a young gorgeous friendly Lynx Point Siamese to give a GOOD PERMANENT home to, here is a link to her on Petfinder. They have dubbed her Suzette which of course can be changed to whatever name you like. I promise you, you wouldn’t regret it. In the short time I had the privilege to have her in our home she won my heart. Cuddly, sweet and friendly. If our DAMN condo didn’t have the rules she would be sleeping beside me on the Nutmeg lick-stained couch and putting our cat’s noses out of joint (which the spoiled things so richly deserve). I know they would grow to snuggle with her too eventually cos underneath they are just softies.

Throwing this out to the universe, Karma if you win me that damn lotto we will scoop her up and donate a friggin chunk of cash at that place (because truly thank you for saving her). If not whoever ends up with her is one lucky person.

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4 Responses to The Missing Lynx -Sticky Post- Update, Adopted!!

  1. Cindie says:


    I was intrigued by your story about the [beautiful] little lynxpoint kitty, and have emailed an enquiry about her to the powers-that-be @ Katie’s Place. Will let you know if anything comes of this…

    Cindie (“Mom” to four adolescent felines & two all-growned-up boys)

  2. americanuck says:

    Hi Cindie!

    Thank you for letting me know, please do keep in touch I would love to know if she gets settled into a home! She touched my heart sooo much.


  3. Linda says:

    I tried working on hubbie even this past week-end to see if he would relent and allow a third cat, but no go!! Honestly I think this would sooo work out but he is convinced (by experience) that Simon and Lily would revolt and we would have permanent cat wars. Arrgghh!! I wish she would find a home she looks so adorable and cute.

  4. americanuck says:

    Awww well no point inciting world war three eh? Hopefully once kitten season is over and done with someone will come to their senses and pick up this cat!

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