Nothin’ for Nothin’

Had my GP visit this week to have my pre-surgical physical which is required before any kind of scheduled surgery. There were forms for him to complete and fax off to the hospital and now it’s a waiting game.
Doc's visit

Ugh way to show the double chin heh.

From what I understand now, the hospital gets with the surgeon’s office and they will in turn call me with my surgical date. I was told if I don’t hear in a few weeks to give them a call. Hopefully they will call me though cos man I got enough stuff I have to remember in my life. Still no more attacks but just the odd twinge in the area. Oh well, like I know what will set it off next time anyway.

We’ve finally hit the warmer weather here in the Vancouver area, a tad late and from what I’ve seen rather short lived but hey I will take it. Of course I’m sitting here in side the cave of our condo rather than actually outside in the nice weather but I know it’s out there and at least if I can keep the windows open today it won’t turn into an oven in here. I just wish we had a balcony that I could sit on and enjoy the sunshine or even better yet a back yard, cos I really don’t feel like going anywhere today. It’s kind of boring to go anywhere by myself anyway. Sitting on our patio would mean sitting in the shade (we get NO direct sun) and watching the people who comes to the front door stare. Um no thanks.

For some this is a long weekend. For me? Not so much. I worked Friday and will be working Monday as well cos I’m hopin’ some of the issues that are outstanding on the project I’m working on will be resolved soon and I wanted to keep my days open until Vacation. I’ve got the Tuesday off for Canada Day along with Tom so that’s somethin’ anyway. I am DYING for my vacation in August. Yeah I can’t go too far cos of the GB (unless by some freaky chance they call me to have my surgery in July) but we can at least go SOMEWHERE. I’m thinking we will head over to the Island, maybe Tofino and then do some day trips around here. I just NEED A BREAK FROM WORK and some Family time, this project is killing meeeee. We’re also planning on taking a few of the days and doing a big purge. We are in sore need of storage space and that would be a perfect time to take care of it.

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