Slimy Life

I’ve mentioned before how the boys can be gross pigs.

Well Chris just proved it once again in abscentia. I’ve been trying to air out their room as it’s been smelling kind of funky. I had the sliding door to their room open all day with a fan going to try and get some fresh air in there but man I tell ya it still was smelling blech. I know part of the problem is the amount of dirty laundry they have stored up (they do the BARE minimum of what is needed leaving stuff they don’t wear much) but there are also a bunch of smells that I just couldn’t place. Tonight as I went in to close the door I passed by Chris’ desk and got a whiff of something kind of sour. I saw there was a beer can sitting there. Chris hasn’t had a canned beer in a LONGGGG time. I reluctantly picked it up and shook it and sure enough there was probably about a quarter of the can sloshing around in there. I took a tentative whiff.  Trust me THAT is brave of me cos I have the MOST sensitive nose and bad smells will send me gagging. I yanked my head back quickly oh MY GOD it smelled bad.

I took it into the boys bathroom (no way were those contents gonna come near the kitchen sink and poured it into their toilet) out came some VERY brown liquid (no where near beer colour) and as I was bent down pouring something slimy dislodged from the can and fell into the toilet with a splash and UP came the brown tinged toilet water INTO MY FACE AND HAIR.

I IMMEDIATELY pressed my lips together as some of the liquid had hit me just below the nose and RAN to our bathroom and scrubbed my face and leaped into the shower and SCRUBBED some more cursing the boy with the PIGGIEST of children when he has them. UGH!!!!! Chris is VERY lucky he is several blocks away at his Father’s place this weekend!!

To add a cherry to that, Nutmeg decided to once again exit the cat litter box with poo stuck to his keister and decided to do his bum drag race through the house with me screaming STOPPPPPPPPPPP behind him.

I am now nursing my trauma with a cold glass of Vex Cranberry hard lemonade. The side benefit is if any of the liquid happened to make it’s way near my mouth the alcohol will disinfect.

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