Thorn in My Side

Ugh. Last night I had another gallbladder attack. I had been quite a while since the last time, WEEKS. Really over the last while I have eaten stuff that should have set it off and didn’t and of course in the past I’ve eaten stuff that shouldn’t have and did, it is all a big crap-shoot. I suppose yesterday’s dinner was like poking a snake with a stick but it’s been hot and we just wanted to pick up something quick, so I had a couple of chicken strips and some mojos from the Safeway. I felt fine all evening, we had some wine after dinner and watched “Knocked Up” again (loveeeee that movie) and went to bed fairly late in the evening.

Round about 3:00 am or so I awoke suddenly feeling kind of funny, like a bit of a burning and slightly nauseated. I got up  and stumbled still half asleep to take a Pepcid and drank some water. It was then that the first wave hit and MAN oh MAN I had kind of forgotten how much they hurt! I was pacing in the living room and Nutmeg was just so happy I was awake he was following me around and didn’t understand why I didn’t bend down and pet him, I mean HELLO it is all about him! I was hit by another HUGE wave of nausea and ran to the bathroom to throw up (the first time I’ve actually thrown up so far). Ok, sorry slight details here … I got the shock of my life when it was pink.. at least for a few moments I’m freaking out going ok WHAT WOULD MAKE IT PINK?!?!!?  until I realized that I had a eaten a pink Popsicle a few hours before. Duh.

Now being fully awake I went back out in the living room alternating pacing and laying on the couch wiggling my feet. I find fidgeting is really the only way to cope through this. When it finally subsided it was almost immediate relief. Oh my gosh sweet sweet relief. I figure it was somewhere between and hour and an hour and a half in total.

I headed back to bed. Tom hadn’t even realized I had left I was that quiet. After he heard me creep back in I explained what just happened. He said I must be the quietest vomiter in the world (yay me!) I HATE to puke, I mean I know nobody LIKES it but I will avoid it like the plague even if it is what would make me feel better, I instinctively fight it. I flopped back into bed on my face and passed out again. This morning I’m a bit sore ’round the GB and liver area, more tender than anything, but I’m alright. Crap I can’t wait until this thing is taken care of!!

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