On an Island

Well we are officially four weeks away from vacation, WHERE we will spend it is still up in the air. We’ve been surfing for options on the Island and will be compiling a list of possibilities before we make the final decision. We’re thinking of finding a nice place on the coast for a few days and then spend some time in Victoria. I haven’t been to the Island in YEARS so that will be fun! Tom’s never been there so it will be an experience for him to see our version of Wee Britain, fortunately ours comes flying Mary Poppins free.

The plus side is there will be plenty of photo ops no matter where we end up and a ferry ride to boot so it’s all good. I’m just looking for some relaxation, nice surroundings and a chance to recharge my batteries and all in the company of my best friend and *shmoopy, who can ask for anything more?

Tom unearthed a place on the Island that is owned by Jason Priestly (of 90210 fame) and his family. I know he is a local boy and all that but it was funny. The website has a picture of him holding a big fish. It is definitely in a nice area and could make the short list, though its a tad on the rustic side. In the end it will come down to location and availability I guess, but I wouldn’t be opposed to it being a little plush as well if you know what I mean?

We need to figure out where to stay in Victoria too as well as which tourist spots to hit up while we’re there. I wouldn’t mind wandering the inner harbour, seeing the Parliament Buildings, maybe the Royal Wax museum (the first of Madam Tussauds’ museums in North America btw) and of course the Butchart Gardens! The wax museum used to scare the crap out of me as a kid. They have this chamber of horrors thing where all the goulish figures are and I remember I used to travel through there with my fingers in front of my face. Still loved it though.

Yeah it is a bummer we can’t go further afield but will still be fun to play a tourist close to home.

*We used to call each other shmoopy to make other people sick.

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3 Responses to On an Island

  1. Tom says:

    No YOU’RE Schmoooopieeee!!!!!

  2. americanuck says:

    No. YOU’RE shmoooopy!!!!

    Heehee (hurl)

  3. Tom says:


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