Life Ain’t Always Beautiful

I know I will probably be talking about my upcoming vacation a LOT in the weeks to come, I warn thee now. Fear not, it is only a few weeks away but at this point, to me at least, it might as well be years away. Can I just say August? Come to Momma!

I am SO tired and SO burnt out and oy I cannot even explain how numb I feel. I was saying to Tom that I just can’t seem to work up a normal emotion lately other than cranky and that’s not me. I’m usually emotive, talkative and generally a pretty happy-go-lucky person by nature, but right now, for the most part, I feel kind of closed down. As for cranky Belinda? I’m pretty good at keeping a lid on cranky even when I’m feelin’ it, unless I feel like the situation calls for cranky to come out and play.

Buh, enough with the self pity already.

In other news. I’m still pissed that they took French Toast Crunch cereal off the market. Am I the only one? You know the little cereal that was shaped like little slices of bread and tasted all mapleicious? In the States they have a crappy new version that is modeled after Cinnamon Toast Crunch but NOBODY sells the classic version anymore. I am seriously bummed.

I’ve been looking for a good (not healthy people, I’m talking TASTY here) breakfast cereal that stays crunchy in milk, yes I am a child.

I’ve done Golden Grahams (meh, alright I guess.. I’m just kind of tired of it),Corn Pops (ok but dangit, they’ve dialed back the sugar), Cap’n Crunch, (I’m kind of fond of the roof of my mouth so PASS). Speaking of Cap’n Crunch… what is with that anyway? Why would they make a cereal that actually causes pain? Even more so, who still buys that shit? They leave THAT and take away my French Toast Crunch? Criminal!

Anyway, in my latest cereal aisle perusing, I came across Cinnamon Life cereal the other day while shopping with Tom. I decided to give it a shot, I mean if Mikey likes it… right? Tom said that if I didn’t like it he would eat it. Tom eating leftover cereal = less guilt as it won’t languish in the cabinet of misfit breakfast food! Score!

So the other day I decide to try it. Tom was working an earlier shift so we didn’t breakfast together. Can I just say disappointed? So not good at all.

Later that evening we’re sitting watching TV and gabbing when I suddenly blurted out “I hate life.”

He looks at me sympathetically and says “I know…..”


“No! No! The cereal, Life yanno Cinnamon Life..!” I said and then started to laugh.

“Ohhhhhhhh!!!” says Tom as the penny dropped.

See, I usually have half a conversation IN MY HEAD before actual words start coming out of my mouth. I will often just come out with what sounds like nonsense to all the people who aren’t in my head. Makes perfect sense to me, everyone else? Not so much. Tom’s used to that by now but even he will still shake his head and say “WOW where did that come from!” every now and then.. heh.

Anyway, so since then, when Tom eats the now abandoned by me Life cereal, breakfast together ends up being a play on words..

“I’ve taken over your life”

“Soon life will be over”

“Life wasn’t as good as I expected”

Damn, there’s a gold mine of bad jokes in that cereal. Who knew?

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3 Responses to Life Ain’t Always Beautiful

  1. Tom says:

    Eh, I can tolerate life…

  2. americanuck says:

    I’m glad you took my life

  3. Tom says:

    I cherish your life deeply, my dear!

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