Downtown Remedy

I actually got up, got dressed and went all the way to downtown Vancouver today instead of stumbling into the bathroom doing my thang and brushing my morning breath away before plopping my still pajama-ed buttocks in front of my laptop like most weekdays.

I had a reason to go in but I tell ya, it so throws me off my game. I am so used to the focus that working from home affords me that all the visual and aural stimuli had my head spinning. I am working on a very complex set of projects which requires a lot of analysis and testing and the best thing that could have happened to me and to this project for that matter is allowing me to telecommute. I know it isn’t for everyone, I’ve heard about the people that are tempted to throw in a load of laundry or get caught up in the distraction of the family or who knows else that they lack the discipline to actually work and need the structure of the office to be productive. I don’t personally get that, but I’ve never not been a driven person. I guess they get credit for being honest about it?

With our schedules sometimes the machines are going full stop on the weekend to try and clear Mount Laundry Pile as certain weeks the first and only load that goes in after work is Chris’ work clothes and stuff (ew his stuff goes in by itself or with his Brother’s!). I swear it seems we get down to seeing empty basket (ok and FLOOR to be completely truthful) and there is another pile sprung forth. Tonight I went into my drawer to look for clean PJ bottoms and realized I was down to my yoga pants and my oh so sexsay flannel pants. Um, it is like hot right now so nothing other than thin cotton wear I. So yeah, I’m now sweating it up wearing yoga pants while my PJ’s are getting washed. Thank god for tank tops cos that and the fan is at least keeping the girls cool.

Oops laundry, speaking of I best get them in the dryer ..

AND.. we’re back.

I realized from my trip downtown today that I’ve kind of lost my downtown edge. The fast walking needed to maneuver around the other fast walkers, sidestepping the people talking on the cellphones and NOT paying attention where they’re going (even more scary when they are holding hot coffee) and of course the avoidance of the beggars, especially the aggressive ones that follow you. I’m turning into the Country Mouse but yanno, I kind of like it.

So after taking the train back out to the ‘burbs and playing Mom taxi (yet again) I decided to treat myself to some solo Chinese Food from our local place. How great it is that we are walking distance to other people cooked food? I am now full, contented and in a noodle coma.

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One Response to Downtown Remedy

  1. Tom says:

    It’s even worse walking down Robson to get to MY work…hundreds of window-shopping tourists (on a sidewalk that’s extra narrow in places!)

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