White Light

We’ve been having a really nice stretch of weather lately, not exactly our typical summer weather which can get pretty darn hot (yes even in Canada!) It has been a nice warm 75- 80 degrees on average with a few spikes of higher temps. In other words it is warm in our place at night but not stifling which means windows open as much as possible during the day and fans running at night and we can sleep.

We took advantage of the nice weather this weekend and did family stuff. On Sunday we bravely drove to White Rock beach which is CRAZY busy in the Summer what with all the cruising that goes on and with a little persistence and some circling we lucked out and found a parking spot. Seriously it is LUCK even coming a bit later in the afternoon as there is limited parking there. Still it’s worth it. I have always loved White Rock. During my most stressful times I would drive down there and just sit and watch the water or the people walking by.


Photo by Tom

Sean came along with us, yes he still will tag along every now and then with us old farts. I guess we’re not totally lame in his books. Yet.

We had a great time walking around, enjoying the sunshine and snapping the odd photo (or hundred).
White Rock 092

Earlier that day there was a tour de White Rock going on (which probably explains this etched in the sand below the boardwalk)

White Rock 049

We didn’t know about the bike race before heading down, we had hoped heading down later some people would have had their fill of sun by then, I guess it’s a good thing we did because they had closed down some of the streets earlier on and we would have probably just headed somewhere else. Wouldn’t have been the same though cos I was itching for my fix.

Photo by Tom

It was SO nice to get outside into the big ole wide world.

On the way home we had to check out the progress of the Lower Mainland’s first Carl’s Jr. Yes another American restaurant chain is making headway into Canada (whoohoo!) I had noticed the billboard announcing it oh, like months ago and we were hoping to see maybe some dirt overturned…
White Rock 227

NOPE. Turns out it isn’t scheduled to be completed until 2009. Sigh.

I mean it’s no In-n-Out but then again what is?

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One Response to White Light

  1. Tom says:

    Yeah, but those “six-dollar cheeseburgers” are awesome!!

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