You know, with all the crime procedural shows out there, I think the public (myself included) have become somewhat numbed to violence and the sometimes complete horrifying randomness of it. You are so used to turning on the TV and seeing whether in truth or fiction, the terrible things that human beings are capable of inflicting on each other and other living beings.

This story, of the extremely brutal attack and murder of Tim McLean traveling home on a Greyhound bus has really really bothered me.

I feel for the other passengers on the bus, who not only I’m certain feared for their own lives, but will be forever affected by what they witnessed.

I feel for the family of the victim who suffered the loss of a loved one in such a terrible way and to have the details of what he endured out there in the media.

Mostly though, I feel for the young man whose life was snuffed out far too early by an absolute horror of an individual. It is cases like this I wish we had the death penalty.

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