Very Scary Fairy Tale

Once upon a time not many years ago there was a Mother who lived in a little cottage with her two young Sons. She met a Prince of a guy who married her, became a Father to her two young Sons and joined them in the little cottage.

Then one day, not more than a year later, the owner of the cottage gave them the bad news that they had to leave, never to return. This meant that the family had to move too.

The little family had to find somewhere to live quickly or they would be cast out into the forest. At every turn they faced all kinds of adversity. Some people didn’t want to rent to a family with young Sons and some didn’t like the family pets so they decided that the time had come to BUY their own cottage. They contacted a local Fairy Godmother who waved her magic wand and found some places for them to look at.

The first, a second floor cottage, was nice and bright but much too hot. The second, currently lived in (and smoked in) by an old woman and her granddaughter was much too STINKY(oy!) and the third? Apart from being painted some really strange colours was just right.



The little family didn’t have a lot of time to sort through their worldly possessions before they had to leave. They ended up having to take a lot of their things with them to the new cottage but it was bigger than their last place with plenty of closets to store their goods, so they felt all was well.

Before they moved however, they spent a lot of time priming and painting over the oh so strange colours and eventually moved in finding a place for everything and everything in its place.


Totally spanking clean

Over time, as the family settled in to-day-to day living, they didn’t notice that as they brought new things into their lives these things were slowly starting to take over. One by one the cottage closets refused to take any more in and each available surface began to be covered. The little family was in danger of being overwhelmed!

Then one day the Mom and Dad declared that they would fight back against their mighty foe and prepared for battle. Armed with determination and vacuum cleaners they first decided to attack their biggest enemy, the walk-in closet.

As they approached the evil closet troll jumped onto its perch and goaded them.
Why are you just standing around?
“You will never succeed! I will see to that!” it cackled.

Against all odds and full of pluck, the couple fought on.

In the meantime, the youngest Son was fighting a battle of his own, the deep, dark, scary bedroom. Suited up for battle wearing rubber gloves and a grim expression, the young warrior crawled under the bed and burrowed into the many containers and began to fight the room beast. He wounded it, but it still lives to fight another day.
Sean sorting through miles of their clothes

Back at the closet, the Father and Mother were exhausted. They knew they must however continue the fight. As the hours wore on they started to see some light at the end of the tunnel. Despite the best efforts of the closet troll who tried to thwart every move, they began to clear out space and a large pile of items to give away began to form.

Great big piles of clothes to donate

Worried the troll hopped back up on its perch and began to howl in fury.

Ignoring the troll and realizing that the tide had finally begun to turn in their favour, they pressed on with renewed energy and zest.

With one last mighty thrust of the vacuum the closet monster was finally beaten.

Organized and purged closet left side

Organized and purged closet right side

As the Father disposed of the wreckage from their last battle, the Mother decided to take on a smaller but somehow more frightening foe, the hall closet (aka stink and spider central). Squealing at everything that moved though most turned out to be renegade tumble hair from Nutmeg, she bravely pressed on and quickly overwhelmed the shoe monster. Piled at the side of the closet the spoils of battle, many an old shoe that no longer fit or was worn by their owner. Neatly and happily lined up once more, the true citizens of the closet, the shoes worn daily took their rightful place on the shoe rack.

No longer the shoe graveyard or spider central yay!

The rest of the shoe citizens (belonging mostly the Mother) continued to live happily in the now clean walk-in closet.

Peace descended upon the land once more.

Now Kids, there are plenty more battles ahead, will the family win? Tune in next time.

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