Muck City


Well, most of the kitchen is done now, except for the pantry and the fridge. The fridge will be scary I’m sure. I’m one of those “push things to the back” kind of people and end up finding all kinds of science experiments. Yipe.

Kitchen de-cluttered

Still, I’m happy with most of it. Yes, the cupboard doors are those horrible heritage ones that come in various shades of white or near white. Why oh why can’t they match them better? Every place I’ve gone that has them they’ve never matched. I think there is a way to paint them, I’m really tempted to. I also hate the counters. But it is de-cluttered and organized now, right down to the junk drawer.

Organized "junk" drawer

Tom cleared out the “office” which is a HUGE walk in closet with a window in our condo. I’ve said it before, but seriously who would need TWO walk in closets in a condo? The one we use is plenty big enough but the other is crazy. It easily fits a desk, bookshelf and tons of storage. Now we actually have floor it is even better, that and room to add more storage which is GREAT!

Can you believe this is a closet?

Today it is more mucking out of crap from boxes in the office and then we head to Ikea and maybe Linens N things. I’ve decided to just throw out the boy’s sheets and bed linens. They are a few years old and a few years smelly that no amount of cleaning will help anymore. Sean is doing a terrific job cleaning their room and their bathroom. Of course being motivated by the thought of money helped. Will have to take a photo when it’s done.

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