There’s a Reward


We are done… or 99.9% done the purge. We didn’t get the one table down to storage… I still haven’t cleaned out the pantry, but I DID do the fridge so that’s something. We still have to actually decorate but that can come in time. Rome wasn’t built in a day as they say.

We DID hit up Ikea the other day and were half way through the store when a frickin’ firebell went off. Can you believe that? They herded ALL of the customers out of the store into the outside parking lot telling those with carts to drop em and go. I have to say it was a very well orchestrated evacuation and it didn’t last long. We figured they herded us out into the outside parking lot so those of us with cars in the lot under the building were captive and would just go back in. Honestly not that many people left and it was a fairly light evening Customer-wise so they were lucky.

I snapped this picture of Tom with my Camera phone. My work phone doesn’t have Internets on it so I couldn’t email it to myself :( so I took a picture of the picture. Of course stuff like this always happens when I DON’T have my camera on me. I usually carry it everywhere geez.

Ikea in Coquitlam was evacuated.. fortunately a false alarm..
You can’t really see it but there is a fire truck behind Tom :P

When we finally got back in, we went back in via the Customer Service area and straight into the Market Place… we already had made it through the furniture area and noted down the numbers of what we needed. I finally picked a frame for the FIRECRACKER! picture. Ok it’s not really a firecracker, or at least I don’t think so…Sean thinks it is… regardless I like it and it’s thismuch closer to actually being on the wall!

While at Ikea we picked up some more DVD shelves and an extra dresser for me. Now I won’t have to pile all the clothes that have no home on top of my older dresser. During the purge I donated still more clothes and I think with that and the new drawer I will actually still have some room to buy more! Score!

New Dresser! (#2)!
New Dresser!

Dining room and DVD collection
New DVD shelves (the darker brown ones are the new ones)

The DVD collection is now back to being alphabetized. Yes we’re anal. ;)

I ran out to get some new bed stuff for the Boys… here is their clean room with the packages on their beds waiting for them to get back from their Father’s and make said beds..who am I kidding? I will end up making them before they get back! Still CLEAN ROOM!
Boys room clean holy shit!
Clean bathroom too! (new shower curtain and accessories)
Boys Bathroom clean!
We need to paint the bathrooms, both of them. I hate that nasty-ass border the previous owner put up. We were too lazy ran out of time when we moved in to do it.

I think all-in-all the thing I am most excited about is seeing FLOOR in the laundry room. There has been so much stuff in there that one had to do a lot of contortions to get laundry out of the washer. I think I can now join Cirque du Soleil.
Clean laundry Room!

PS We did not paint those lame-ass designs on the stuff in there….

Sometime along the way I think I broke my toe. I normally wear a toe ring on the toe beside my big toe and the other night it swelled up and suddenly hurt REALLY badly. I’m glad the toe ring is the kind you can open up cos I had to open it up a LOT to get it off. I thought at first I had bruised it somehow but I’m thinking now it must be fractured. Tom helped me take a picture of it just now, the colour is nowhere near as dramatic as it was the other night sadly. Oh well. It just throbs a bit unless I put weight on it the wrong way especially if I try to go on tippy-toes or when I turn suddenly. Then I swear. Loudly.

The rest of the purge pix are here.

Well, now the work is over it is time for the fun to begin! The furry kids are off to J.A.I.L. (a new place this time which we are hoping they like better, more like Kitty Kamp) and we are off on our very well deserved few days of R oh and yes the other R.

Catch you on the flip!


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