Garden Party

Day Two:

We made sure the night before to stick to “Do not disturb” sign out to avoid any early morning room cleaning announcements and slept in a wee bit. The bed was comfy other than it being a platform bed. I had to get used to stepping down a little bit wider and not trailing my foot as I got in lest I bang it on the wooden part.

We readied ourselves and went to the local Smitty’s which wasn’t far from the resort. We decided against eating breakfast in the restaurant figuring that it would be cheaper and easier to hit a chain place. The weird thing about the Island (at least that part of it) is there is NO IHOP over there and only one Denny’s that Tom could find and it was down in Victoria. Eh, whatevvv Smitty’s was fine. It was an older place but the Staff were friendly and the food was good enough.

After breakfast we headed to Butchart Gardens, the road to which was basically right across the street from the Smitty’s. The road there is windy and kind of in need of some resurfacing but it wasn’t far to travel. The sky had turned a bit overcast which didn’t really set a nice backdrop for picture taking but it would be a bit cooler to spend a few hours garden walking. We had decided against using the hotel’s water taxi service there as it would mean we would be stuck at the garden for three hours whether we wanted to or not. We couldn’t picture ourselves spending 3 hours there so we drove.

As we pulled in the person at the gate we drove though said “two people?” yup that’s us! Tom handed over his credit card, signed for the purchase and then drove on handing me the receipt, and the map etc they gave him for safekeeping. As we were parking I noticed that in amongst it all there was only one ticket, then looked at the receipt and realized that the person who had JUST asked us if there were two of us (while staring at two of us in car) charged us for one. Dur.

We were wondering if they would be taking tickets at the garden but no, turns out once you’re past the gate you’re in.

Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island

The walk through the gardens took us probably close to two hours, even with stopping to snap pictures here and there so good call Tom had with us driving. Like he said the water taxi may have been an experience but so not worth being trapped there for longer than we wanted to be.

Of course given any opportunity to goof around in a photo, we take it…

Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island

Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island

We did take some flowery pictures too though..

Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island
Tom and I practically have the same exact shot on this one.

Mr. Long arms took another picture of us in front of one of the several fountains

Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island

(Photo by Tom)

This one I was expecting to suddenly hear Celine Dion music blaring to the dancing fountain like at the Bellagio but thankfully no.

Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island

Annnddd here we are on the stairs…

Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island
A fellow passing by Tom thought he was taking a break because he was winded, when in fact I had asked him to go up there and sit for the picture. Heh.

Butchart Gardens, Vancouver Island

(Photo by Tom) I was walking up slowing kicking out behind me, Tom made me do it again for this shot.

We had our fill of gardens and went for a drive around the Saanich peninsula trying to find someplace to eat dinner, some of the places we had seen in a touristy guide in the room weren’t all the helpful and we were kind of craving Italian since the night before. There was one place down in Victoria that recommended reservations and we were going to see where it was. During our driving around I noticed a sign for a place in small mall that had PASTA and PIZZA emblazoned on it called Romeo’s. We figured that was as good a place as any. We headed back to the hotel to chill for a while and then back out for dinner.

Turns out this Romeo’s is a small chain of very popular pizza/pasta places on the Island. There was a small wait (around 20 mins or so) and we were seated. They had a pasta deal on which made the normally reasonable prices even more of a steal, score!

We both mulled over the menu and I settled on baked lasagna with meat sauce. Tom thought he was leaning more towards a steamed spaghetti with meat balls.

I asked him which kind of sauce he was thinking of (they had a choice of meat or a tomato vegetable sauce.)

He looked at me and said “MEEEAATTTT BALLS” slowly and drawn out.

I blinked and looked at him and said “Ummm yeah, they are extra but you need to choose a sauce”

Tom: “Ohhhh”


So for my benefit he recreated this for me for illustrative purposes:




We both laughed about this for a while, me especially. Heh.

The service was pretty quick too despite being super busy. Here is Tom’s spaghetti… note the MEEEEAAAT BALLSSSSSS
Romeo's (yummy!) Vancouver Island

My lasagna was awesome!
Romeo's (yummy!) Vancouver Island

We decided right then and there we would come back for dinner then next night. A bird in the hand and all that…

We were VERY full after our meals…
Romeo's (yummy!) Vancouver Island

But posed for our traditional outside the restaurant shot..
Romeo's (yummy!) Vancouver Island

We headed back to the hotel again for some another evening of wine and relaxation…
Vancouver Island

Vancouver Island

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3 Responses to Garden Party

  1. Tom says:

    The dish that I picked was every bit as awesome…the pasta was the thick spaghetti (which I love…not a big fan of angel hair pasta), the sauce was definitely not from a jar (fresh veggies and tomatoes), and the MEEEAT BALLLLS were very meaty, not the meat-like filler you get at most other restaurants.

    BTW don’t let the photo fool you, folks…the dish is quite deep, and there’s a LOT more pasta than meets the eye!

  2. Vicki says:

    Considering the high admission price for Butchart, I’d say you got a fabulous deal with the “two for the price of one”. I’m enjoying reading about your weekend away.

  3. americanuck says:

    Oh you said it Vicki! They do charge an arm, leg and spleen to get in to look at flowers, even with the maintenance costs we figured they must be raking in a bundle there.

    At first we were all like, should we hike all the way back to the gates? We walked towards the entrance, saw no ticket takers and then just figured it was a bonus from the garden pixies or something and didn’t look a gift freebie in the mouth.

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