Squirrel Food Rag

I’ve taken to carrying my camera with me more often which almost assuredly means there will NOT be any neato photo ops (unlike when I don’t have it on hand) but sometimes I luck out.

During my lunch (yes I actually took a break today) I went outside, trusty camera at the ready jusssst in case. I walked down our block and a quick blur of movement to my right caught my eye. Lo a cute little squirrel was bounding towards the dirt something clutched tightly in it’s little jaws and then industriously started to dig underneath some bushes.

I slowly pulled the camera out of my bag grimacing as I pushed the power up button because that sound usually mades animals (and some humans, I’m looking at YOU Chris) run the other way. This guy didn’t seem to care, he just kept on digging.

I crept closer and then stooped readying my shot.

He paused, stopped digging and gave me *this look.

Ok, it wasn’t that exact look but it was close.

Suddenly he swung fully around and started towards me. I’m still crouching at this point thinking “cool!” cos he was getting closer and I would get a better shot.

Um, yeah.

That was until he started getting all up in my face.

He put himself up on his back legs and started making noises. Then he came at me. Fast.

Cut to me scrambling to my feet, abandoning all thoughts to taking pictures and yelping. I have NEVER in my life run from a squirrel, but run I did!

The little bugger chased me for quite a ways staying far enough behind me to be cautious (mother squirrel didn’t raise no fool) but still within ready leaping access I’m supposing should I head back towards his stash.

I casually walked jogged back to the house, occasionally shooting glances behind me, visions of squirrels hurling themselves at the back of my head. I made it to the front door and quickly took another sheepish look behind me as I closed it, feeling a right fool.

On the other hand..for all I know he watched me enter and now knows where I live and I might see a little fuzzy black rodent face pressed all up against the glass little clawed feet at the ready. If so, come help and bring nuts.

*yeah I know, not a squirrel but also close enough

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