At What Cost


It took us somewhere between a year and a half and two years to collect them but we got our rewards from Airmiles!

A sweet little Panasonic digital camcorder! We were trying to figure out what to get and this kind of leaped. We have Tom’s camcorder that he won at the Telemundo Christmas Party I went with him to at Magic Mountain back when he worked/lived in Cali (gosh from back in 2001 I think!) but it is a LOT bigger and runs on them thar tape things. We are wanting to digitize all the tapes we have and going forward this will make things a whole lot easier! This lil puppy has a 40gig HDD and has slots for HD SD cards for more capacity and of course one can always burn a DVD. The camera can take stills too how fun!

I had ordered it, I swear not much more than a week ago. The site said it could take 4-6 weeks but maybe sooner but I figured we wouldn’t see it for 6 weeks.

This evening, the front door rings and I answer and it’s UPS with a package for me. I was puzzled as to what the heck it could be, like I said I wasn’t expecting anything any time soon but holay molay!


So yay! A new toy to play with. As usual I didn’t read any manual, just started poking around. No fun in manuals!


Not bad for a freebie eh?!

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