Prepare Me Well


I didn’t do it, I didn’t get my emergency kit going. Despite fully intending on doing it, yeah I kind of put it off.

Well no more, I finally got off my ass and I’m putting one together. Well, really more like two because I’m going to need to do the same for my Mom. I think the people in the local store think I’m some kind of weirdo. The cashier asked me if I was having some kind of party or picnic (cos of the plates, cups and band-aids?) I said no, it’s for an emergency prep kit. “Ohhhh….” she says, giving me the once over like I was running down the aisles screaming “the sky is falling, the sky is falling!” Um, I don’t get why this is weird. She’ll be sorry when that sky DOES fall and she’s drinking out of her toilet! Heh.

Emergency preparedness kit kick off

See? See? A good start at least! Chris told me his store sell some of the items I’m looking to add so when I play Mom taxi this coming week I will stop by.

Seriously though, why not have the basics on hand at the very least? I’m going to approach this with the same order and organization I use at work and with my taxes. This is even more important, this is your life and your family’s life. Pick up your supplies, list the contents of the storage container ON the containers along with any expiration dates, monitor them and rotate out and replace anything nearing expiration. Let everyone know where they are in case you’re not around.

All packed away ('cept the water) still room for more

G’wan and do it. You’ll feel much better.

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