Every Picture Tells a Story

I had some fun with yearbookyourself.com.

There are issues with the site especially if you don’t have a picture that is exactly straight on and without any offending dangling bangs or the like, but still you are guaranteed to get some amusement from uploading a pic.

Here are my faves from us:

Tom, a cross between Elvis Costello and Gordon Freeman


Me, who hopefully bought stock in the hairspray industry in the ’80s

chris 1965 yearbook
Chris, who seems to have perfected the Ronald Reagan hair style and joined the young Republican club

sean yearbook photo
And finally Sean whose face is too big for his head amongst all other kinds of wrong.

Too funny.

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One Response to Every Picture Tells a Story

  1. Tom says:

    For all of you lurkers out there who haven’t heard, I had to take Belinda to the hospital on Wednesday…she’d had another gallbladder attack, and this time it was a bad one! (those of you who have followed her gallstone adventures know that she’s no whiner, so you know this must have been a BAD attack!)

    I’m happy to report that she’s out of danger and feeling fine, but they’re keeping her there to run several tests (including the “snake-the-camera-down-the-throat” test *shudder*), so she’ll either be released tomorrow or several days from now, depending on how things go.

    Rest assured that she’s been compiling a mountain of mental notes about her adventures in Canadian Healthcare, so prepare to be entertained (and somewhat incensed) when she gets back into bloggie action!

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