Big Hair

I am a very loyal customer, you treat me right I’m yours. I will be forever faithful, return time and time again. But of all the types of service out there the person I am my loyal to is my stylist.

I’ve had many of them leave me over the years, either leaving town, to a new location that just doesn’t work for this girl that takes transit downtown or just up and quits the biz. That was the hardest one for me, the one that quit the biz. Nancy saw me through pregnancy with Sean up until my divorce we’re talking 9 years give or take. She was my age and I had the best time shooting the shit with her. She talked me into taking some big risks and they always paid off. The girl had curly hair of her own and knew it well and she well, rocked.

I found my current hairdresser through trial and error. It is ALWAYS hard to go to a new stylist and if you hate what they do, go to someone else the next time. You almost feel like you’re cheating on them especially if they are in the same salon. I lucked out on the third try and found someone who gets my hair and she’s nice to boot. She is however SUPER young. It is really kind of fun though to sit and talk with her. She’s a great conversationalist, it is never forced or awkward and really highly entertaining for me to listen to the perils in the life of the twenty-something. Man has it really been that long since I was in my 20s? Humbling.

Anyway, about the hair.

I started a really major project, well two major projects that are inter-related about a year and a half ago, full time for about a year now. I had made an off-the-cuff joke that I wasn’t going to cut my hair until it was over sometime near the start of it all. A kind of “hockey hair” y’know, like how they don’t shave during the playoffs. My hair wasn’t super short at that point.. but it wasn’t that long either.

No longer reddish hair

In between I had it trimmed or styled but never lost a whole long of actual length. I work from home a lot so there were some long months between haircuts along with some really bad “selfie” bang trims. Sometime a month or so ago I decided I had enough. Screw the hockey hair, screw the fact the project isn’t yet over I was determined to get it cut. For all I know the damn hair was jinxing me!

So I made my appointment. Hair is not yet gone.


I’ve had three appointments canceled so far. One by me, when I was sick and two by my salon. I was pretty disappointed and kind of crabby about the whole thing until I found out my stylist had been in an accident and wasn’t up to coming to work yet. Oops I wish I had known that the first week I grumbled about it, now I feel kind of bad. Ah well.

So if all goes well tomorrow and the universe doesn’t yet again thwart my plans, I am going to get rid of a chunk of this mess tomorrow and maybe, just maybe get a semblance of style, or at least as much as this crazy mop is capable of.

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