Straightened it Out

So I got the haircut and it is truly one of the only times my hair is actually brushed and styled. With the number if haircuts a year I get (and factoring in the odd time or two that I make the effort to blow dry my hair which by the way takes like an HOUR cos my hair drinks water like a sponge) that means that my hair does not resemble a fright wig an average about 10 days a year.

This is a big turn around from where I was even just a decade ago. I used to slather on makeup with a trowel and happily spend ages styling my hair. These days I will put on just enough makeup not to scare people and I shower, I figure that is all I owe society.

The haircutting experience was as expected. My stylist regaled me with the latest exploits from her life (a doozy this time) and I sat back and enjoyed the pampering. This is one of the few moments I shift my brain into neutral and I enjoy it. If i didn’t have the whole touching phobia, I would probably enjoy getting a massage or pedicure but that involves people invading my personal bubble for an uncomfortable length of time. I’m weird that way.

I lost a grand total of 3 inches or so and it is still long enough. Granted this is in the semi-straightened mode so it’s sure to pop back up an inch or so once the Raggedy Anne effect takes hold but it isn’t super short either so it’ all good.

So tonight I will enjoy the soft swingy feel of a freshly done “Do”.  Tomorrow, back to fright wig.

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2 Responses to Straightened it Out

  1. Sue says:

    Pretty! I wish I had some wave/body/ volume to give my stylist options!

  2. americanuck says:

    Thanks Sue :)

    Trust me it doesn’t stay nice long. I wish I had the patience to sit and fiddle with my hair on a regular basis but I’m basically lazy (heh).

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