So Salty

Baking tip… when you have a bag of salt and a bag of sugar and said bags are nearly identical in appearance make sure you’re grabbing the right bag at the right time while making banana bread ….or you could end up with a dense, cake-like salt lick.

Just sayin’

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3 Responses to So Salty

  1. Arne says:

    OK … just so you won’t feel alone on this … and also to make up for the Abba crack … I offer you this little gem:

    It was Thanksgiving about 15 years ago. As was the case with most Thanksgivings in our family, we had it at the family cabin in the Coquihala. This year was a little stressfull … my mom and dad had just split up, but my dad decided mom should still be there with the family for Thanksgiving.

    Mom decided she was going to handle the desserts, which up at the cabin is a big deal. The oven is wood burning so baking isn’t easy. No worries, she brought pre-baked stuff, and only had to whip the cream for the pumpkin pies.

    So just before dinner she decides to start whipping the cream. The kitchen is buzzing with dinner prep, but cream must be whipped. So be it. With a bowl full of whipped cream mom emerges from the kitchen and presents the whisk to a 3 year old Matthew. With eyes as big as sauces he begins to lick the whisk clean, but stops half way to exclaim “This is too SALTY Gran!” and hands the whisk back to my mom.

    Yes, she accidently used salt instead of sugar.

    Matthew saved the day however when he suggested we use it on the mashed potatoes. AWESOME.

  2. Tom says:

    I just wish I’d gotten a picture of your face when you took your first bite…

  3. americanuck says:

    @Arne: Aww your Dad is a sweetie. Alas there was no saving the banana bread, it will be making insects sick in the dumpster. Though Tom the masochist just HAD to try it after he saw my reaction. I was drinking water for ages. Ew ew ew!

    Clever Mathew though with the potatoes, good suggestion.

    @Tom between your shaky hands and my jumping around in abject horror I probably would have been a blur!

    I am gonna put my Salt in a different container now!!!

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