The Shopping Bag

A few months back I discovered the online shopping site called Yeah, I know, I suppose I am a bit late to the party on this one but ever since then I have spent many many hours perusing the site. I’ve been happily “favouriting” away,  not only so I can find a particular seller again but also creating a wish list of sorts to give Tom giftage hints. What I particularly like about it is that a great deal of the stuff is hand made so you end up with some really unique stuff.

I have indulged myself a few times in the past few months, like with the Sock Zombie and just recently a couple of jewelry purchases from local Vancouver artisans.

The first one is from an Etsy store called Anabella Designs (

I bought a sterling pendant called “Seven Leaf Branch” which is lovely and delicate with a nice brushed finish. It came with a 16 inch snake chain (which is a touch short for my stubby little neck but no worries, I will be picking up a longer chain shortly.) She’s also got some other stuff in there that have hit my faves.
'Nother new necklace I bought

The next jewelry purchase was from Adam Paul Designs (

A sterling pendant called “Sunspot” which has a beautiful high polished finish and came with a choice of a snake or omera chain. This seller is new to Etsy and as I was his second customer, I got it for half price and free shipping, talk about a deal! He’s still looking for his third customer (as of today anyway), and that third person gets the same offer.
Sunspot necklace

Along with jewelry, I’ve got other items in my faves including a seller called Valhalla who makes hand made leather purses and totes and a painter named Theo Dapore who lives in Ohio who is selling some fabulous abstract paintings (love love love abstract art and some of his have teeny little bits realism mixed in).)

Ok, back to surfing.

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