A Movie Script Ending

We finally got around to watching “The Bourne Ultimatum” last night (excellent movie, I think much much better than the second one) and we were all caught up in the action. When Matt Damon (cutie!) would be kicking the “Asset” of another agent I was wiggling around karate chopping the air in support and then…

The DVD started to stutter. We started watching several frames sit thenspeedthroughabunchofframes, then sit, oooh then audio went…oh wait now it’s back! It sputtered and stopped and rushed it’s way through some of the most climatic scenes in the damn movie.

Before we smashed it to bits, Tom went to get our other player out of storage in case it was the player. Problem is, that player is a cheapie one and it did WORSE.

I tried my old cleaning magic on the DVD  (eyeglasses cloth and a lot of threats to the DVD) and we popped it back in and it seemed to do the trick and we zipped to the spots where we had missed some of the dialogue and got caught up and saw it clear through to the end from that point on. Good thing, the player gets to live another day.

I’m thinking though it’s time to go buy a new one (or two) while they are cheaper. We’re not about to go get one of those Blue Ray dealies anytime soon, not with the size of our DVD collection so we may has well spend the money to get a decent player and maybe a spare just in case!

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2 Responses to A Movie Script Ending

  1. Tom says:

    Still kicking myself for getting rid of my JVC before moving up here…that was a NIIICE unit!

  2. americanuck says:

    Plus it had that entertaining screen saver

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