Over My Head

Dear Person who lives over our head,

I get that this is communal living, here in this condo…

I knew going in being a long term apartment and condo dweller, that unless you’re on the top floor there will be some noise to live with above my head. I get that I do. I have lived on the top floor myself or at the very least above SOMEONE else’s head but guess what? I was considerate.

I have tolerated your Kid screaming and toddling around, I get it, I HAD little kids. But guess what? I didn’t let them RUN thumping through the place. Running inside is a bad idea, you’ve heard the stats about accidents in homes right? Little precious may end up cracking open their coconut at the pace they are running. Oh yeah and please, no more handing your kid pots and pans to play with on your laminate floors mkay?

I have put up with that scraggy little hairball you call a dog yip-yapping ALL.FREAKIN.DAY. I don’t think it’s very nice that you lock it in the bathroom all day, or at least that is what it sounded like but guess what? That didn’t stop the noise from traveling. I’m sure the people living beside you love you as much as we do.

Did you ever think to walk lightly? It is possible to not heel walk around your place everywhere you go. You are an improvement in this regard compared to the previous occupant. That one walked around in high heels half the day.

What I’m having a hard time figuring out is what is that rolling/sliding/banging thing that is going on up there in the late afternoons? Ab wheel workout? blading? Whatever it is STOPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPP! I’m sure you’re in lovely shape already, don’t change. Cept for the noisy part.

Your neighbour.

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