Hell’s Bells

One fairly minor “inconvenience” is the semi-annual fire alarm checks in our building. I know they are for the greater good and all that and absolutely I’m grateful that they do them for the safety of all but oh mercy they scare the shit out of me. I’m the kind of gal that jumps when toast pops up.

By the time we’re through the cycle of “screeeeetch, pause, screeeeeeeetch, pause” as they go suite to suite through the building I’m a basket of nerves but there is someone here who handles it even worse than me. Someone who spends his time jammed behind the toilet in our en-suite (the place you hear the noise the least.)

At one point the poor guy thought it was over and emerged and slinked around, turns out he was sadly mistaken. I was full of sympathy but not so much to miss filming it.

Now he’s just sleeping off the post-traumatic alarm stress on my pink heart blanket. He’s obviously very in touch with his feminine side.
Unamused post-trauma kitty sleeping

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One Response to Hell’s Bells

  1. americanuck says:

    Hee hee, I have to keep watching this myself. I love watching how fast his stout little legs can carry him when motivated.

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