This Moment

A deep breath. Innnnnnnn. Ouuuuttttttt.

Ah. Vacation. It is here.

Yanno, I’ve always felt like I deserved my time off work. I mean, I’m a good hard worker.

But lately? I feel like I DESERVE  as in all caps kind of DESERVE vacation. I don’t think I have ever worked so hard or so long (that’s what she said, heh) in my entire life. Challenges in the past to think through, design and implement? Sure! Always give 150 bazillion percent to everything I do? Check! But this is still different. It is a HUGE. I am proud of what I’ve accomplished so far and I have to remind myself of that every now and then because I get bogged down in the mire. Like anyone else, I’m my own worst critic in every aspect of my life. But not today. Today I am feeling quite zen, I put in a good 11 hours yesterday and 10 today and now I am on vacation.

Yesterday we hit up the mall so Chris could buy a Fedora. The ultimate goal was to complete his Hallowe’en costume (it is a toss-up between a Gangster or a member of the “Rat Pack”) but he’s liking the look. I love old music, in particular the crooners of old *sighs* so Chris grew up hearing it a LOT ’round these parts and ultimately still likes it. He was born late like his Momma in a way, but minus the Death Metal he also likes. What can I say? Our Boy is an enigma, but a handsome one.

chris duded up

It’s quiet here tonight. Nobody else is home, I don’t have the TV on and both cats are passed out somewhere. It is so quiet in fact that other than the humming of my laptop and our every present noisy upstairs neighbours, the only other sounds I’m hearing my intestines working on last night’s leftover chicken chow-mien (uh oh.)

So the plans for this upcoming week are: doctor’s appointment for my yearly girlie bits check-up (yeah too much info I know blah blah, I don’t like to DO it either so suckit) and maybe some (gasp!) Christmas shopping. Just the prelim stuff cos nobody has started their wish lists yet (Yes I’m looking at you my Boys, ALL of you!) Other than that, no plans just some good old fashioned loafing. Ah.

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One Response to This Moment

  1. Tom says:

    I knowwww….I’ve been a baaaad boy!

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