Music is My Boyfriend

My English Boyfriend..

Man he sounds great live. I love Elvis. I have always loved Elvis.

Maybe I have a thing for the big glasses?

And just because this song makes me all gooey inside..(yes cheesy movie clip video but that’s all there is)

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2 Responses to Music is My Boyfriend

  1. Arne says:

    Saw him about 15 years ago with the Attractions at the Queen E. He opened with “No Action.” It fealt as if I was being kicked in the chest, it was that loud. Awesome-ness!

    My brother however will never forgive him for marrying Diana Krall away from him. He was heart-broken for weeks. :-)

  2. americanuck says:

    Oh Man! You lucky duck! I’ve never seen him live! Poor old heartbroken R. Yeah he and his wife have babies now.. wouldn’t it be ironic if neither of them are musically inclined considering their lineage?!

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