Spooky Situation

I’m kind of scared of clowns, one of my stupid irrational fears, yes it’s stupid, but in my case VALID. This guy..

yikes clown

is on a sign for a couple of months leading up to Halloween and I’m lucky enough to have to pass it now and then.

Ok, in the daytime it’s not so bad but trust me, he lights up well at night, ehem.

eek skull

He and his spooky friends welcome visitors to Potter’s House of Horrors in Surrey, BC. Potters is a local garden centre that does up one of their locations for a spooky tour through a haunted house full of animatronics, live actors and all kinds of spooky goodness for the not too faint of heart. I love how on their site in they recommend people use the toilet before they show up! Yeah that would be embarrassing..

From the look of their site they shake it up with new attractions every year and this year they have a new feature called the Pumpkin King..muahhahahaha!!

Of course I will be avoiding it like the plague but then again I’m a chicken and truth be told I won’t be sorry to see old “FANGY” up there going back in storage for another year.

Just sayin.

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