Steppin’ Out With My Baby

Well, we did manage to keep the evening free and headed out to the local Keg Steakhouse for Tom’s birthday dinner. The Keg is always a popular choice in our family, especially with Chris as he is a MAJOR steak fan. Both boys are meat eaters, I mean Sean would eat his weight in bacon if he could.

We had a great family night out, lots of conversation, teasing and laughs. It’s kind of fun having kids that are older, not only do I no longer have to cut up food but they can be darn entertaining at times. Sean even parted the curtain that is his hair so we could see his eyes during dinner. Well one and most of the other anyway. Oddly enough Chris had his hair cut AGAIN because it had grown beyond a millimeter. Man they are so different!

Tom's Birthday Dinner 2008

I was taking photos of us while we waited for dinner to arrive and the waiter asked if we were there for a special occasion. I almost blurted out “yes” unthinkingly just to answer the question but instead remembered, recovered, pressed my lips together and let Tom answer that it was just a dinner out. See, I don’t know if they do that whole birthday singing thing anymore but none of us are fans of that kind of thing so we have a pact to NEVER disclose to a waiter that it is someone’s birthday juuuussssst in case they bring out the clappy happy birthday song or something else horrifying like that.

Tom's Birthday Dinner 2008

Sean had his new “usual” the Creole Chicken, something I introduced him to a couple of years ago which expanded his dinner selections beyond the chicken strips and fries of old.

Tom's Birthday Dinner 2008

Chris, Mr. Steak however totally surprised us and ordered salmon… go figure!
Tom's Birthday Dinner 2008

Tom is still bitter about the Keg taking his beloved Chili Chicken off the menu so he made do with the Thai Chicken instead (boo Keg! Bring back Chili Chicken for Tom!!)
Tom's Birthday Dinner 2008

I had a the chicken fajitas which were quite delish thank you very much… mmmm.

Tom's Birthday Dinner 2008

Yeah, we’re simple folk when it comes to food, none of the fancy-shmancy stuff for us. I’m always happy to eat in a restaurant where I don’t need my menu translated for me because I always feel like an idiot and I hate being disappointed when ordering a mystery dish and finding out that I just don’t like it. I mean, I grew up eating meals that consisted of some kind of meat or fish (very plain) and potatoes. No veggies except the odd bit of corn when in season and certainly nothing that was anywhere near “different”. (I love veggies now, probably because I DIDN’T have to eat them as a kid, my Mom still hates them.)

We’ve entered the season of Birthdays. Sean’s is in Spring but the rest of us are clustered around Fall/Winter so Chris is coming up next. The big 21 OoooOOOooooO!! Gawd I’m freaking getting old.  Mine is after the new year so we have to get through Christmas first, not that I am in any hurry to put another year behind me or anything.

Tom's Birthday Dinner 2008

Good times.

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2 Responses to Steppin’ Out With My Baby

  1. Vicki aka geekmom says:

    MMM I love the Keg. I hardly ever eat beef at all, but the Keg really knows how to do a decent steak. It’s worth the price of a meal there. Thanks for the idea, I think I’ll request a dinner at the Keg this weekend for my 30-somethingth birthday.

    Happy birthday to Tom!

  2. americanuck says:

    Happy Birthday in advance Vicki! Ahhhh 30-something (she says wistfully) I remember those days.. LOL ;)

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