Used To the Pain

Ugh another gallbladder attack last night. Compared to the one that drove me to emergency though it wasn’t a really bad one. I was forced awake by the jabbing feeling and laid there on my back just willing it away trying to force myself back to sleep but no dice.

I got up and did some wandering in the dark living room drinking some cold water, breathing deeply, massaging my side and cursing the medical system. After about an hour it eased to the point where I could sit down and rest a bit and it became less jabby and more achy. I draped myself over our “chair and a half”,  grabbed a throw from the couch because I was shivering so much and before I knew it within seconds completely passed out asleep. I woke up sometime around 8:00 with a stiff neck and Cinny-cat perched on me. I shuffled back to bed to sleep for a bit longer and work out the neck kink.

I checked the surgical wait times online and my doctor’s stats show her with 40 people on her wait-list and for those that had surgeries in the last quarter had an average wait time of 35 weeks. Using this as a guide I may be looking at the Jan/Feb 2009 time-frame for my surgery.. sigh, and that’s if I’m average. Something could still change that or bump me.

My GP told me to call him if I had another attack and he would see if there was anything that could be done to move me up the list. After my hospital visit in early September I had some blood tests to confirm that the liver enzymes were decreasing between attacks and he said they were indeed. Good news I guess cos it confirms the liver problems are definitely caused by my GB but as I’ve been told a few times, if my liver enzymes are up they won’t operate. So what happens if I have an attack close to my surgical date? (assuming I ever get one..) Doc said yeah, it’s a vicious circle. I’m being good too no fatty foods, no grease.. it just doesn’t seem to matter anymore. I know the doctors care as I’ve said before, it’s not the doctor’s fault they sympathize, it’s just this effed up system.

Truthfully, besides avoiding certain foods I forget all about the GB when I’m feeling good. It had been almost a solid two months since the last attack and when my VP asked me if there was any news on it I blinked a couple of times before I clued into what he was talking about. It was like “oh yeah…” strange how your mind blanks out unpleasantness unless your nose gets shoved in it.  I also found out another co-worker had her GB out and we commiserated on the experience of attacks. She warned me about the lovely side effect of the surgery (can we say diarrhea?) which I had already read about on these here internets. She says to this day certain foods go through her like a freight train. Oh joy!

I found a video of the actual surgery on youtube from the INSIDE along with a doctor describing what he’s doing. It was REALLY neat to see it in action but don’t click if you don’t like organs and stuff.

Being girl’s night in alone here at Chez Americanuck, it is time to crack out the chick flick. On tonight’s menu “Footloose.” Nothing like a good tractor chicken scene to get your mind off your problems.

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