Fix Me

Despite my continuing devotion to scripted television, lately I’ve found myself enamored with the whole “improvement” genre of reality television. While the personal type improvement is fun (see Biggest Loser and How to look good naked), I’m really into the whole home renovation thing.

I have NO idea what I would do without the HGTV network.

There are shows were people are trying to flip houses (a type of show that may not go over so well in today’s economy), attempt to reno with zero handyman skillz, been ripped off by contractors and have Mike Holmes swoop in for the rescue and my latest discovery “Love it or List it”.

We live in a condo that could certainly use some upgrading and really,  just some basic maintenance (hello ceiling fan in bathroom that doesn’t work, master shower that could use caulking and temperamental gas fireplace on-switch) but it is so much easier watching OTHER people do it.  Dude, we are so gonna hire someone to fix most of our shit.

I wish I WAS more handy though. I am actually quite good with tools as far as building goes, I’m a girl that can swing a hammer. In fact, I built my own fort as a kid complete with framed walls and a working hinged door thank you very much, but anything electrical just freaks me the hell out.

Tom is pretty good with electrical stuff, he installed a ceiling fan at our old place and set up and hard-wired in the dishwasher (though plumbing isn’t necessarily his forte.) I just can’t DEAL with him doing it. I end up with this weird clicking in my ears when someone I care about touching electricity. Or I see spiders.

We just never even seem to get around to some of the basics. I mean something as simple has framing and hanging a picture? Though I did finally get around to buying a frame for “the fire cracker” it is still leaning up against the wall. I have at least six other pictures (including my Joe Average!) just waiting for a frame, how lame is that? Mind you, my excuse is that I want to build the decor in the living room around a new area rug and I’ve yet to find one that I really like, of course I haven’t been actively SHOPPING for one either. Erm. Ok yes I’m lazy.

So here I sit on a Saturday afternoon, my TV dial on the HGTV network, my feet up on our ever so ugly needing to be replaced coffee table, thinking about vaccuming but not doing it and typing on my laptop. Anyone want to come over and clean and decorate and fix up our place? Anyone?

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3 Responses to Fix Me

  1. Vicki aka geekmom says:

    OMG, I love those shows too though I don’t havetime to watch them these days. Have you ever seen any of Colin & Justin’s shows? My favourite is How Not to Decorate.

    Once my home is clean I will offer to come get yours in shape. heehee

  2. Tom says:

    We sometimes watch Colin and Justin together…I need her to translate half of what they say!

    “Wharr own eirth deed ye fynde thus ‘orrible soofah???”

  3. americanuck says:

    I lurrrrve Colin and Justin. There is just something fabulous about two bitchy gay Scottish designers who pull no punches.

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