Walking By

Though the weather here has turned a bit we’re still getting the odd bit of rain reprieve, not that I’m complaining because better rain than snow! Still it’s nice to get a clear day as I’m doing a lot more walking lately. Not only is it good exercise that I BADLY need, but also a chance to clear my head and get some semi-fresh air, semi-fresh as it IS sidewalks I’m on.

Today was perfect for just that.

I took off just before Tom got ready to head to work and did 3.5 miles according to Google maps. Not bad I guess. Years ago I would walk practically clear across Burnaby along a walk/bike path with my Ex-step-Mother-in-law. We started walking from Edmond’s St  to Royal Oak and back and ended up working our way up to Edmond’s to Boundary and back in the same amount of time so my walk today seemed kind of lame by comparison. Still, better than being a couch potato all day.

I took the camera along and grabbed a couple of shots. The poor kite is still stuck in the tree.

Still stuck in the kite eating tree

The sky was pretty nifty though, there were breaks of blue with these splotchy humpy clouds. Further North the sky seemed a bit more ominous but it stayed decent for my walk.

love this sky

Most of the leaves are down now. Autumn seems so lame in this part of the Vancouver area, we don’t seem to get those nice bursts of colour that I remember as a kid. It seems like the leaves turn one colour then fall off. Meh.

Raindrops on gutter leaves kinds of makes them pretty though. This guy stood out cos he retained a bit of colour amongst his rusty brown brethren.

leafy drops

Seems he was laid to waste before he got to turn another colour but for a few spots.

A few brave flowers and buds(!) were hanging on. No idea what kind of flower but it means business if it is still hanging around with the chill in the air.

fall flowers

I’m off work this week and I plan on doing a lot of NOT THINKING which is good because I was starting to hear a busy signal in my brain. I’m hoping to get a start on the Xmas shopping this week, if not do it all (hah!) but other than that no big plans which at this moment sounds like complete and total heaven.

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