I Like To Move It

It would seem my getting out and walking inspired Tom to get off the couch and come with me on today’s walk. Both wearing our MP3 players and starting out at a brisk pace, but not overdone. Tom needed to warm up a bit and me, my right calf was screaming at me telling me today should have been a rest day. Whatever. I need to make hay while the sun shines so to speak, it’s gonna be soupy a good part of this week. I just switched the bearing leg to my left and it worked itself out.

Tom was doing great until we hit the halfway mark and then he just told me to motor on ahead and he would dial it back a bit. He did great though, only cheated the last little bit by cutting through the last block or so and didn’t give into the voices in his head telling him to take shortcuts earlier as tempting as that may have been. Everything really needs to be done at a person’s own pace and it’s great that he’s getting active too. Underneath my flab there is a good solid foundation of muscle which has been my saving grace. I just need to boost the ratio of fat vs. muscle on this old body.

Now I need to ditch that old Elliptical which I cannot STAND and get a nice treadmill for the days the venturing outside would be tricky. I don’t mind, and I have gone out on rainy days, that is when the rain isn’t torrential. Its quite pleasant and cooling really, but if I can’t see a damn thing and it’s FREEZING to boot, not to mention the inevitable slush and snow season that is upcoming it may be an idea to look into it. In the end it’s not about weight-loss so much as health gain y’know? Its not a battle I will ever win, I’m not one of those people that can give up the good life completely but its one I’m willing to keep on fighting.

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