Ouch Not Again

Ugh another GB attack last night.

This one was a doozy, hit me about 1:45 am and woke me up as it was ramping up. At first I’m thinkin’ naaaa I just need to pee.. oh wait a minute, ok OW! Got up and started my pacing. I was SO tired too which makes it worse cos I’m walking around my living room thinking about how nice bed sounds but I have no choice. When it hit its peak I broke out into a full body sweat and grabbed a nearby magazine to fan myself. I looked down and saw it had P.E. Obama on it and starting chanting Obama… Obama… Obama in my head. I have found that the stones are kind of like being in labour, the more tight and upset you get the worse they feel so getting a mantra going and breathing slowly it helps to unclench and seems to help the pain a bit. Who knew Obama would be such a good chant too? I swear at times like that my mind latches onto the craziest things to get through it.

When the worst was over I was draped over our chair under a blanket and willing the rest of it to ease off so I could just go back to sleep. It always hurts for a while after and only certain positions are comfortable. I was so grateful to finally get back into bed to SLEEP.

I had called my Dr.’s office a few weeks ago after my last attack as he said they would call the surgeon’s office to see where I was sitting on the list and possibly see about moving me up. When I called and left a message his assistant called me back and said the Doc said for me to call the surgeon. WTF. So I said when I call they they tell me exactly nothing.. she said she would try to call and call me back but I never heard back from anyone.

So this AM I tried again, called my own GP’s office and the assistant told me that she had called the surgeon’s office last time and never got a response. She advised me to try calling them myself to tell them I had another attack and to “get in their face and not worry about what they say” and see if that will help move me up the list. So I called. I get HER receptionist and she says the surgeon has been off all last week and hasn’t seen her yet but she would tell her when she does. I asked if any word on my surgery and she said no.

Sigh. So in other words, no news. No change.


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One Response to Ouch Not Again

  1. Squawkfox says:

    Ouch. I hope you’re feeling better soon. Since you’re in Vancouver, Canada…I totally understand the waiting game for surgery in Canada. I waited over two years for minor knee surgery. But it’s good you’re in contact with a surgeon. Good luck!

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