Bruise Violet

Caution, more self indulgent whining ahead….

Holy Doodle more bruising is coming to the surface heading waaay south. The bruise graduates from the older yellow one right below the belly button to a really dark dark purple below and is as big as my hand in size now. Crazy! I was wondering why I was so sore below my navel and now I know why. Must have been digging for gold or something in there!

There is still a lot of swelling internally as well as around the incisions but nothing is infected looking so I guess its all good. A small bit of bleed around the belly button which still looks kind of mangled and raw and from all the swelling of the belly above it, it looks like a frown right now. Haha. I used to have a belly button shaped belly button.

I really expected to feel a lot better by now but maybe I should give myself a break considering it is only day five and I was told it could take up to two weeks to recover I just don’t tend to be a very patient person.  I still slouch more than sit when I’m upright. After all this there is also no lifting of anything heavy like groceries for 4-6 weeks. Wonder why? Curious about what you could damage at that point.

I also find I can’t concentrate on anything for long and that includes reading which sucks because what better time could I have to read? I guess good thing for TV shows because I can handle the bite sized chunks of a half hour/hour show before drifting off again for a nap. Naps are nice though mmmm napppppssss.

Blah. Losing interest in typing off to go slouch some more.

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3 Responses to Bruise Violet

  1. Tom says:

    “I just don’t tend to be a very patient person.”

    Kinda like the ocean doesn’t tend to be very dry…


  2. Linda says:

    a-ha!!! so i was waiting to see how long it would take for you to pick the ole computer up and start blogging LOL!!!

    Good thing your body is telling you to sleep and get better. That means no workie workie for you for the FULL TWO WEEKS!!!!

    Nope, don’t even think of it!! We are fine, just fine…Mon is doing the FC thing with tsys so DON’T WORRY!!

  3. americanuck says:

    @Tom *smack* cheeky begger!

    @Linda Ha! Must blog everything about this experience! Though I have to say I am barely touching the ‘net lately.

    Yah my ole’ body is carping at me alright and ouch you made me laugh with your comment laughing hurts too!

    And what? Me? Worry? *cough* TRYING not to!

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