Strange Bedfellows

Politics. One of those subjects you are always taught you shouldn’t talk about in polite company along with religion and (gasp) sex. Oh who am I kidding? It normally bores me to tears.

I have to say though, what is going on in Canadian politics lately has me completely flabbergasted, I mean this is unprecedented stuff.  It has even started to tweak the attention of the rest of the world, while normally, (yawn) Canadian politics aren’t exactly all that stimulating, even to the people who live here (which is supported by the voter turn-out.)

Here is a fab article written by a fellow from the CBC which rather tongue-in-cheekly (is that a word?) explains in a “political Kindergarten” kind of way, a wee bit more about our political atmosphere here.

No doubt it will confuse as much as it informs, but it amused me greatly.

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