This whole convalescence thing has been so incredibly boring!  I am SO glad it is behind me for the most part now. My bellybutton is still pretty sore but the rest seems to be healing up just fine. I’ve got my check-up appointment with the surgeon on Tuesday and if she doesn’t have a look  at the sites on her own I’m going to ask her to have a look and make sure the bellybutton one is healing as it should. To me it looks weird but it may just be the location and the size of the incision that are making it heal more slowly?

Happy to say otherwise though, I feel pretty darn good. I have my energy back which I had missed immensely. I want to get back out there and start up my long walks again. It certainly hasn’t been a vacation cos at least when you’re on vacation you are out doing things at least some of the time. Dare I say it I even missed the mental stimulation of work. Of course ask me again in a week and I will call you a LIAR. Heh.

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