Decorate the Night

Wow it really snuck up on me this year, probably because I lost a couple of weeks there.. yes, today was tree decorating day.

Xmas 2008 Prep 019

Tom checked out Santa’s ummm package..

Xmas 2008 Prep 033

Chris the “Happy” Christmas Elf was coaxed from his lair (aka his room playing some kind of shoot-em-up game) to put up his decorations (mumble, mumble, eye roll, groan.)

Xmas 2008 Prep 039

The stockings were hung by the chimney with Sean.

Xmas 2008 Prep 035

Man, all the preparation for Christmas can drive you..

Xmas 2008 Prep 049

But in the end this is what it is all about….

Xmas 2008 Prep 079

Silly hats.

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One Response to Decorate the Night

  1. Tom says:

    …and angry kittens.

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