Freezing the Time

To celebrate the fact I can, yanno, leave the Province now that I had my operation and prior to Tom’s Permanent Resident card expiring and waiting for it’s replacement (the card that let’s Tom travel and come back to Canada) we planned a trip to Bellingham to stimulate the US economy. You know, feed the Ross and Macy’s Monkey that has been chattering in my ear for the last 7 months or so.

The weather forecast had predicted snow Friday night into Saturday morning so we postponed the trip to Sunday. Well, as it turned out it didn’t snow on Friday night, it snowed LAST night. We woke up early (to beat any border lines) and looked outside. It appeared there was a minor dusting of snow, nothing too bad but then the radio gave us a whole other side. It had apparently snowed something like 12 centimeters at the Vancouver airport which is at SEA LEVEL and right by the water. This was weird because normally the coast sees little snow and us here further inland get hammered. This time it was the opposite. We checked out the border webcams and it looked like the roads were pretty yucky so we decided to cancel.

Tom fell back asleep for a while and eventually Tom went for a breakfast run for us. He reported that the main road by us looked fine and figured we could maybe try heading down South in a few hours.  I was game if he was game!

Just before noon we headed out and sure enough other than the side roads the main roads were bare and dry by then. Score!

The border line wasn’t that bad even though a bunch of people had the same idea we did. Once we crossed over we made a beeline for Rossssssss.  Once parked we opened the car doors and HOLY CRAP got his by a BLAST of cold air. Now I know this my be nothing compared to what people get back east but it was a true Arctic outflow with huge gusts of wind that brought the temperature down to feel like -15 degrees celcius (according to online conversion that is 5 degrees Fahrenheit). Brrrr.

All in all the Monkey was fed pretty well so it will quiet down for a while. I got some nice new sweaters (Spring/Summer is my fave time to shop though) and some body wash from Bath and Body works (REALLY wish that store was up here),  Tom bought a few sweatshirts and new sheepskin slipper boots.  We also picked what was left of the carcass of Linens N Things (wasn’t much left of it, poor thing) and got a nice wrought iron/mirror wall decoration and a cordless electric carving knife which will be great for Tom to carve the turkey at Christmas ;)

Needless to say other than running from the car to stores we stayed INSIDE the whole time. This meant the picture count for the day was a big fat doughnut.

So in lieu of any photos I present you with a photo from our jaunt to B’ham back in Jan 2007. This face accurately represents how we felt today, though by comparison January 2007 was downright balmy.

Hee hee

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