Cinnamon City

I hate raisins. I don’t mean I don’t like them, or I would prefer not to have them in anything, I mean I HATE raisins. The SMELL of raisins grosses me out. People who know me well will never ever offer me a raisin anything. Blech.

At work years ago there were a group of us that used to prank each other. Nothing mean spirited or anything and always gave even the “prankee” a chuckle and made the office just a bit more fun.  Back in 2000 one of the pranksters who was one of my most favourite people in the world retired. He and I had sat in adjoining desks since our dept began and spent those years getting know know each other REALLY well.  His last day I had walked him to his car carrying his going away presents, sniffled all over the place saying goodbye and dreaded going to work the next day because it just wasn’t going to ever be the same.  That first morning I opened my drawer to grab a pen and what did I find but DOZENS of tiny boxes of raisins! The shit.

Fortunately for me I married a man who also feels raisins are a scourge and my house remains happily raisinless. Sadly though it seems that the baking industry as a whole believes that if you like CINNAMON (bread, bagels) you also should like RAISINS. We’ve tried even smaller bakeries asking if they made cinnamon bread without raisins and we get the funniest looks. What? You don’t want raisins?

One of our discoveries on our trips to Washington state was a brand of bread called Franz which makes a delicious bread called Bainbridge Island Cinnamon Swirl.

Best! Bread! Ever!

We usually grab a couple of loaves to throw in the freezer but they never last long. The toast is SO yummy, I don’t even put any butter or anything on it, I eat it AS IS. They suggest making french toast with it which I did once, but that was kind of sweetness overkill for us. I just wish they sold it up here in Canada, cos Dude I have to wait months to restock. Hello? Franz people, there is a market for your bread up here in Canuckville.  Raisin haters unite!

All cinnamon and swirlishness

Guess what I’ve been having for breakfast this week! ;)

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One Response to Cinnamon City

  1. Tom says:

    I guess Pillsbury gets an A for effort, because they DO sell cinnamon bread without those evil things in it…but sadly, they’re very stingy with the cinnamon goop.

    It’s simple, people…load it with goop and leave out the evil things! Trust me, sales will skyrocket!

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